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“Press X to Start” is a gaming podcast, run by a group of friends who want to add diverse voices and conversations to video games and culture.

Level 21 - Happy Birthday Cam

July 19, 2017

As Cameron returns, Press X continues to bring the gaming news you want to know. Avery and DJ bring nothing to the table while, Marcus plays and old wrestling game. Cam discusses coming back to X-com since the glory days and come to think about it that's an old game too. Well the summer drought continues for the Press X boys but in gaming news major league Overwatch changes the Esports conversation, the delay of Ni No Kuni brings about Cam's ire about the games game play switch up and the bad vibes swirling Crackdown 3 continue. As Press X continues to evolve and do something new, DJ brings up a fun little game that Avery immediatley ruins. 

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