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“Press X to Start” is a gaming podcast, run by a group of friends who want to add diverse voices and conversations to video games and culture.

June 11, 2018

Level 2.17 - It’s Pronounced Vampyr not Vampire

As Press X deals with the encroaching storm that is E3, we present you with an early episode with our final pre E3 thoughts. Cam rejoins the cast for the first time in a bout a month and we talk more Detroit. Avery, was good on his word and picked up Vampyr and he is of mixed emotions. In a pretty stacked news section, the boys talk Avengers, Devil May Cry, Crackdown, Hitman and a bunch of pre e3 game announcements. Our next couple of episodes will be dealing with the E3 conferences, one for the Sony conference, another for Microsoft, EA, Bethesda, Square and Ubi and then a normal show at our normal time with our Nintendo reflections. This is subject to change but as of right now, thats our E3 dockett and we hope you enjoy it.

June 8, 2018

Bonus Level 04 - Detroit Review Press X to Emotion

In our final episode before the onslaught of E3, Marcus, Avery and Jordan sat down to give their full spoiler filled review of Detroit Become Human. Is David Cage's latest game a masterpiece or a pretentions piece of drivel?

June 7, 2018

Press X Presents 005 - E3 Predictions

Before E3 becomes us, the Press X collective gathers to talk E3 in detail. We talk conferences, games, predictions and hype while also attempting to ruin eachother's day. It also features regular contributor Jordan, in lieu of regular host Cam who is still unfortunately MIA. Its a good show, enjoy.

June 6, 2018

Level 2.16 - The Calm Before E3

E3 is nearly upon us and the boys of Press X minus a stalwart Cam but featuring a boisterous Jordan prepare to weather the oncoming storm. Marcus and Avery continue to talk about Detroit with Jordan joining them on the conversation, while DJ continues to beat the drum for Call of Duty. In a jam packed news section a lot of E3 information was leaked or revealed, from Fallout to Assassin's Creed with the group dissecting each kernal of news and coming to blows on individual software expectations. Also PUBG is seriously going forward with their Fortnite lawsuit. Good luck with that. Its a good episode, and prepare for a jam packed couple of weeks as we dive deep into E3.

May 30, 2018

Level 2.15 - Detroit Enter the David Cage

DJ returns from his grand cruise and reunites with Marcus and Avery. In what we are playing, DJ extolls the group on his trip and the mobile games he played along the way, while Avery and Marcus make good on Detroit with strong impressions on the game. In a packed gaming news the group talks about Overwatch's second anniversary, the reveal of Battlefield V with DJ finally getting to give his thoughts on Black Ops 4, the massive sales of God of War, Resident Evil's surprise appearence on the switch, Avery being a giant hypocrite in regards to Nintendo and Nostalgia and a conversation about Ubisoft's E3 otensibly becomes all about Sony. Its a good show, and we hope you enjoy.

May 23, 2018

Level 2.14 - How hard is Bloodborne really

Marcus and Avery are once again doing a solo show, as both Cam and DJ deal with real adult life. In what we are playing, Marcus brings nothing to the table while Avery put the work in and finished the infamous Bloodborne. In another meaty week of news the boys talk Call of Duty, Kingdom Hearts 3 and the shutdown of Boss Key amongst other things. Its a good show, enjoy.

May 18, 2018

Press X Presents 004 - MCU in Review

With Cam and DJ off on enforced sabatical, Marcus and Avery reconvene to do a deep dive discussion on the MCU as a whole. Ranking and talking about all 19 releated Marvel Films the duo break down their favorite characters, favorite villians and just bout all things MCU. Its a stuffed episode and we hope you enjoy.

May 16, 2018

Level 2.13 - Marcus and Avery’s in the Morning(also with more Fortnite)

So surpise we're uploading a little bit early thanks to some behind the scenes shenanigans which are pretty evident in the episode. Its a Marcus and Avery production as both DJ and Cam are out living their best adult lives. As the two return to the rapport that made half of the Pop Culture Podcast such a hit(minor at best) they talk all things video games the best they can. In what we are playing, Marcus got his hands on Detroit's demo and in the malaise of a post God of War existence Avery jumped around from game to game sinking further into the madness that is Bloodborne. In a packed gaming news section, we talking Nintendo Online, a ton of E3 news and a surprising cross section of popular culture coliding with itself. We also end the show with a weird conversation about the Witcher's writers room and the contreversy surround it that blossomed into a weird culture topic as they always do. Its a good ep, please enjoy.

May 13, 2018

Bonus Level 3 - God of War Spoiler Cast

While we're late to the party, the fates finally aligned for Press X to lift the veil on spoilers and dig deep into the nitty gritty of this episode. Fair warninig, this is a spoiler cast and not really a formal review though we do give our review like impressions at the end of the game sparking a brush up about subjectivity and this game's place in the pantheon of all time games. Its a good episode, though also fair warning it was recorded back to back with the last released episode and Avery maning the boards is still geting the hang of being the Engineer. 

May 11, 2018

Level 2.12 - God of Infinity War

So first things first, a missing DJ robbed us of our normal engineer and as a result the sound quality of this episode is not its best. Avery attempted to stalwartly fill in and he was found wanting. So apologies in advance and the silver lining is now, that when DJ goes on vacation the show doesn't implode on itself. So back to the matter at hand, we the remaining members of Press X to Start bring you another episode of weekly musings on all things video games. As e deal with the malaise of a post God of War video game landscape, we didn't play much so its mostly Cam giving his two cents about Avengers Infinity War. In news we mostly talk about Red Dead Redemption 2 and Beyond Good and Evil which snowballs into a contention argument about whether Ubisoft games are all the same. Stay tuned soon for a God of War spoiler cast.