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“Press X to Start” is a gaming podcast, run by a group of friends who want to add diverse voices and conversations to video games and culture.

April 20, 2018

Level 2.9 - Radical Hot Take

In another unfortantely Cam-lite week, the boys reconvene to talk all things video games. DJ is still playing and loving Dragon Ball FighterZ, Avery is grinding away at Far Cry 5(More news about that in the upcoming Review Cast) and the group collectively(Cam included) played Overwatch's new Retribution Event Campaign. In news Drake continues to hang out with Ninja and challenges EPIC games, news of a new Bioshock comes from the turmoil of the Mafia 3 developers, BossKey throws a hail mary pass named Radical Heights into the battle royale market and the group examines the reports of the PS5. Its a good ep, enjoy.

April 14, 2018

Press X Presents 002 - Ready Player One

Press X continues to branch out into fields other than gaming and once again decide to talk about a major motion picture. Marcus and Avery saw Ready Player One and they have some thoughts, with DJ acting as a curious third party eager to understand "the at the time" #1 film in the box office.

April 13, 2018

Level 2.8 - No Way Out

Down a member, Press X returns to talk all things gaming news and pop culture. Avery and Marcus took their relationship official in a little A Way Out, carrying the torch it by Cam last week. Meanwhile DJ got deeper into the latest DBZ game and played another game he straight up doesn't want to talk about. In news, the group touches back with Overwatch to discuss the recent Retribution reveal, discuss the big media blow out that is Sony's Spider-man, the reveal of the Spyro remaster, more final fantasy news and in a surprsing bit of buisness Shadow of War drops its microtransactions. Its a good episode, listen up friends. 

April 8, 2018

Level 2.7 - Whats Up My Ninja

Press X reunites with X-box conniseur Jordan for jam packed week of all things video games. In what we are playing, Cam joins his wife in a little Way Out, DJ puts his money where his mouth is and finally plays FighterZ, Marcus finished Telltales latest Batman epic and Avery wades into the insane sandbox that is FarCry 5. In news, Ninja quickly ruins the good will he's developed in the hip hop community(conjecture), Square builds a new studio for FF15 team, No Man Sky comes to Xbox and news of the next Overwatch even snowballs into a weird conversation about the future of the game.

March 30, 2018

Level 2.6 - Lisa Needs Braces

After a couple of false starts and a hostile intro takeover, the boys reunite with Cam in tow to talk all things Video Games. DJ plays Fortnite instead of Monster Hunter, Cam gives up the hunt and decides to give Bloodborne a shot and Avery has some Ni No Kuni impressions. In gaming news Ubisoft finally beats Vivendi, Fortnite goes up against PUBG on mobile and the growing talking of Unionization spurs an impromptu culture topic in regards to the current state of the industry and whether Unionizing is a good idea. Its a good show, tell your mom. 

March 23, 2018

Level 2.5 - God’s Plan is Fortnite

The gang reconveenes minus Cam unfortunatley for another week of gaming news and culture. In what we are playing DJ crashes and burns when it comes to Bloodborne while Marcus finally finishes Ghost Recon and wrestles with giving up on Persona 5. In news the group dives deep into the phenomona that was Drake and Ninja playing Fortnite and how it has shattered twitch and the collective minds of the video game community. In other news we talk suprise heroes to Soul Calibur, Monster Hunter's new update and the reveal of the new Tomb Raider. Closing up, we have an extra long cultural discussion on what it means to be a black nerd and its meaning in a increasingly more diverse yet increasingly more exclusionary nerd space. 

March 14, 2018

Level 2.4 - News, News, News!!!

With a stalwart Cam missing in action, the rest of Press X perseveres through another week of gaming. The calm before the storm continues and What Am I playing remains a short subject, though Avery took a chance on the recently made freely avaiable through PS+ Bloodborne. After a short detour of games past, the group digs into a meaty video games news cycle. News of a Division sequel brings the boys some glee, Fortnite continues to make waves, more Trump v Video Game talk causes them to pause, and one of Sony's big new IP's says goodbye to 2019. But in major news, Nintendo dropped a direct and the trio does their best to dive in an dissect with major Super Smash Brothers news bookending the conversation. Its a to quote Marcus and DJ "THICC" episode, enjoy.

March 8, 2018

Level 2.3 - An Airing of Grievances

Press X reconvenes in full force and with four working mics for another episode of talking all things video games. After another week of the same old same old What We Are Playing is out and Fuck this Game is in. The guys(minus Avery) air their grievances against their favorite games their currently playing rather than talk about anything new on the docket. In a scattershot of news, the boys talk about Brigiette Lindholm and her place in Overwatch, the ESRB alters the rating system, our fearless leader decides that Video Games are the problems with School Shootings and Detroit get's a release date. But the topic of Detroit allows the group to talk about the contreversy surrounding it and how we as gaming fans react. Should Detroit be supported, should you cancel your preorder, should Quantric Dream be scuttled? All good questions, all discussed, its a good ep. 

March 2, 2018

Level 2.2 - The Celebrity of Gaming

Season two continues in earnest as the boys finally reunite with Cam's return to the show. It's been a slow week in games, so the conversation shifts to talking more Black Panther. Sorry...not sorry. But back to games, in gaming news the boys talking about the mysterious Overwatch Hero 27(which by the time of the posting we know of in full detail), the Government versus Video Games, FFXV 2019 news, some Death Stranding casting and some light news about the DICE awards. Afterwards, the group talks about the extreme fanaticism that surrounds fandoms and its effects on the people and institutions they form around. 

February 28, 2018

Bonus Level 1 - Monster Hunter World Review Discussion

Uniting to talk bout the game that's slaying the video game sphere, Avery, Cam and DJ break down the good and the bad of Capcom's juggernaut monsterhunter world. Should you press X on it? This subjective question and more is answered as the group finally gets to talk about the game they've been devouring since late January.