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“Press X to Start” is a gaming podcast, run by a group of friends who want to add diverse voices and conversations to video games and culture.

Level 17 - Belated E3

June 21, 2017

First up, thank you to everyone whose been listening to our show these last four months and bearing with the to quote another popular show "the Garbage truck on fire" that is our operation. It's people like you that allow us to release a show talking about what we saw at E3 the week after the Big Convention came and went. Anyhow we talk, conferences, games, highlights, surpises(not many) and dissapointments of the show. Also Cam is still mysteriously missing and filling in is the local Xbot Jordan to defend the choices Phil Spencer and the company that Microsoft built made this year. Its an extra long episode so bear with the shenanigans. 

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