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“Press X to Start” is a gaming podcast, run by a group of friends who want to add diverse voices and conversations to video games and culture.

Level 16 - E3 Begins

June 15, 2017

The Press X boys minus Cameron attempt gather once gain to talk the gaming news you want to know. The group gushes about their Overwatch sessions while Avery takes everyback down memory lane to talk about the Last Guardian. Will Fortnite be the group's next Overwatch? DJ makes a good case, while an impromptu discussion about Shenmue devolves into a long conversation about the fate of Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. DJ rages about the Pokemon direct and Marcus laments the failures of Mass Effect Andromeda. Rapping up the guys recorded post the EA E3 Press Conference and give you their tardy but still pertinent thoughts about the showcase

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