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Press X For The Culture 04 - The Fear Of Black Avatars With IGN Freelance Writer Hashim Hathaway

April 12, 2019

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The IGN article that sparked this interview: Video Games Still Have A Way To Go With Black Avatars. Please take time to check it out.

Culture Topic - Time code: 02:16

  • We talk to Hashim Hathaway, an IGN freelance writer, who wrote the Black History Month opinion piece: "Video Games Still Have A Way To Go With Black Avatars". We discuss how he came to be a writer, his experiences writing for IGN, and what influenced the article; before embarking on an in-depth discussion about minority representation and perspective in video games.

We would like to thank Hashim again, for taking time out to chop it up with us. This is our first ever interview and it meant the world to us.

CHECK OUT Hashim Hathaway on IG: @shimbo1977, Twitter @NeverDauntedNet, and at his Website: Read more articles from Hashim at

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