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Level 4.4 - Even Nintendo is Beating Xbox!!

February 7, 2020

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This week on the Press X to Start Podcast: DJ, Sean & Marcus talk about Apex Legends Season 4, Final Fantasy VII Remake, the controversial future of E3 and much more!

What We've Been Playing - Time code: 2:51

  • DJ continues to relive Goku's journey and finally returns to Apex with Marcus & Sean; while Sean continues to bust some ghosts in Luigi's Mansion 3 and indulge in the simple pleasures of sniping a man in the ballsack in Sniper Elite 4.  

Gaming News - Time code: 15:08

  • The quick hits: The February PS+ Games and Xbox Games for Gold; The longawaited SSX Tricky Remaster gets one step closer to happening; Pokemon Home's price is revealed; Platinum Games to attempt to bring overlooked Wii-U game, The Wonderful 101, to Switch & PS4 via Kickstarter; The industry is claiming that PS5 desperately needs digital game sharing at launch; Nintendo to combine its' four Tokyo offices to form Voltron; EA made a ridiculous amount of money from microtransactions last quarter; New patch for Death Stranding finally fixes one its' more tedious mechanics; Japan's building another giant Gundam and this one will be mobile; Blizzard gets full copyright claims over all player made "custom game" mods; The Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch is coming on March 13th; BBC holds the first ever interview entirely inside of a game with the Watch Dogs Legion team; Resident Evil 8 rumored to have werewolves for some reason; Sunset Overdrive may finally be coming to PS4; EA drops details for Apex Legends Season 4 and Apex Legends Mobile; Trumps' China Tariffs will no longer be going forward.
  • The heavy hitters: Nintendo Switch shipments have already surpassed Xbox One's lifetime shipments by a country mile; E3 2020 to a revamped event filled with celebrities, insiders & influencers (yay...); Square Enix finally drops the official trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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