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Level 4.26 - Ubisoft Forward & Two Steps Back

July 17, 2020

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DISCLAIMER: Due to us recording this episode from our respective bunkers, the audio quality is a little rough around the edges. We still hope you enjoy the episode!

This week on the Press X to Start Podcast: DJ, Sean, Jordan & Marcus talk about the Ubisoft Forward event, Xbox setting its' sights on WB Interactive, Sony dropping big money on Epic Games and much more!

What We've Been Playing - Time code: 2:59

  • Jordan wraps up his longstanding excursion through two of Ubisoft's biggest titles (AC: Odyssey & The Division 2) in preparation for Ubisoft Forward; Marcus airs some minor grievances with Persona 5 Royal's somewhat restrictive game model; and Sean platinum's The Last Of Us 2 before putting some time into several smaller titles as we wait for Ghost Of Tsushima to drop.

Gaming News - Time code: 14:43

  • The quick hits: Xbox shows interest in acquiring WB Interactive; Crash Bandicoot makes a big return to the scene with a massive 4th entry and a mobile game; Ninja finds a new home in Youtube after Mixer shuts down; Halo Infinite to open the Xbox Games Showcase on July 23rd; Amazon postpones New World to Spring 2021; Devolver Digital drops a surprise free game...about themselves; Call Of Duty drops "OK" gesture due to connection to white supremacy; Capcom says that 80% of its' sales are digital now; Fans disappointed in Cyberpunk 2077 dropping a few gameplay sought after features; Sky Williams is a trash person; Sony invests 250 Million dollars into Epic Games.

  • The heavy hitters: Ubisoft cleans house in the midst of recent workplace allegations and then reveals their upcoming gaming slate in the Ubisoft Forward event.

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