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Level 4.15 - Who Needs Drugs When You’ve Got Travis Scott?

May 1, 2020

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DISCLAIMER: Due to us recording this episode from our respective bunkers, the audio quality is a little rough around the edges. We still hope you enjoy the episode!

This week on the Press X to Start Podcast: DJ, Sean, Cam & Marcus talk about: Travis Scott's "Astronomical" performance, Nintendo's big hack, Fallout 76's ruthless NPCs and more!

What We've Been Playing - Time code: 03:12

  • Marcus find himself in a neverending loop of thriving & dying in COD Modern Warfare's Multiplayer suite; Sean hacks his way into the Malaysian pre-release of Crash Bandicoot Mobile; DJ gets into art fraud investigation in Animal Crossing; Cam considers jumping back into XCOM; and the boys all forego talks of FFVII Remake for the impending review cast.

Gaming News - Time code: 18:38

  • The quick hits: FFVII Remake moves 3.5 Million copies in 3 days; A look at the worldwide digital game sales market for March 2020; The My Nintendo app drops in Japan; A new bug has NPCs stealing shit from your corpse in Fallout 76; COD Warzone is putting cheaters in games with each other; Battlefield 5 is finally winding down; Madden's Twitter tries to call out the Ravens for the Madden 2021 cover leak and it backfires spectacularly.

  • The heavy hitters: Travis Scott's Fortnite concert blows everyone's minds; Nintendo suffers it's first big hack with 160,000 accounts being compromised; Google wins their long fought battle with Epic Games and gets Fortnite on the Google Play Store.

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