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Level 4.13 - Jessie’s Tryna Take A Ride On The Buster Sword!!

April 17, 2020

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DISCLAIMER: Due to us recording this episode from our respective bunkers, the audio quality is a little rough around the edges. We still hope you enjoy the episode!

This week on the Press X to Start Podcast: DJ, Sean & Cam talk about: FFVII Remake, the DualSense controller; Animal Crossing getting banned in China and much more!

What We've Been Playing - Time code: 02:26

  • Sean finishes his violent trip down memory lane in the remastered Modern Warfare 2 campaign and then links up with the rest of the boys in Midgar for our FFVII Remake first impressions.

Gaming News - Time code: 32:33

  • The quick hits: FFVII Remake is doing well on the review circuit; Warzone's Trophy system buff makes vehicles even MORE powerful; Predator: Hunting Grounds comes with an "Exposed Ass" warning; Nintendo Switches are sold out everywhere thanks to the quarantine; PS5's CPU & GPU will ensure that GodFall will have appropriately godly gameplay; Bethesda VP, Pete Hines, hypes up the DualSense controller; Google Stadia is now free and will have a free Pro Subscription for 2 months.

  • The heavy hitters: PS5 & Xbox Series X will be getting a new version of Cyberpunk 2077; The DualSense controller's microphone will apparently eliminate crosstalk; China bans Animal Crossing New Horizons because of protestors co-opting it for their activism.

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