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March 27, 2020

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DISCLAIMER: Due to us recording this episode from our respective bunkers, the audio quality is a little rough around the edges in places. We still hope you enjoy the episode!

This week on the Press X to Start Podcast: DJ, Sean, Cam & Marcus talk about: Animal Crossing New Horizons, CoD Warzone, the RE3 Remake Demo, Overwatch's new hero, PS5's specs and more!

What We've Been Playing - Time code: 02:24

  • Sean finally finishes his supernatural janitor duties in Luigi's Mansion 3, briefly ventures into the artsy worlds of Nier Automata & Celeste, and joins Marcus in some Apex Legends domination & RE3 Remake Demo impressions; Cam drops his late impressions of the FFVII Remake Demo, restarts Outer Worlds and gets into some colorful anime shenanigans in Dragon Quest XI; Lastly, DJ joins the rest of the world in the Animal Crossing frenzy and then links up with Sean & Marcus to reap the spoils of war in CoD Warzone.

Gaming News - Time code: 21:04

  • The quick hits: Half Life: Alyx debuts to widespread critical acclaim; Sonic dethrones Detective Pikachu as the highest grossing video game movie; Control drops its' first DLC; Overwatch reveals its' newest hero, Echo (and she's already been nerfed); Apex Legends' Class Perk system revealed in leak; Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members now getting free DLC; Bethesda messed up and basically gave out Doom Eternal for free on PC; CoD Black Ops reboot info gets leaked; 87 Year Old Animal Crossing superfan gets her own character in New Horizons; Lust For Darkness available again on Switch after being deemed too sexy to sale; Animal Crossing is blocking certain features for people with multiple accounts; Sony rumored to be unhappy with Death Stranding's commercial performance; Folding@home project allegedly being used to find a Coronavirus cure.
  • The heavy hitters: Devs deem PS5 superior to Xbox Series X in multiple ways but think Sony's communications skills suck; Sony clarifies PS5's backwards compatibility scope after cryptic Mark Cerny statement; PS5's SSD to revolutionize game size & storage; Gamestop tries to make a case for them being an "Essential" business amidst Coronavirus closings and promptly gets shutdown.

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