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Level 4.1 - The Gaming Industry Has 2020 Vision!

January 17, 2020

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This week on the Press X to Start Podcast: DJ, Sean & Marcus talk about finally beating Death Stranding, Netflix's The Witcher, Sony's PS5 announcement at CES, Nintendo's Pokemon Direct and much more!

What We've Been Playing - Time code: 2:54

  • DJ briefly returns to Warframe and is greeted by a entirely new game before getting in some quality co-op Switch time in with his wifey; Marcus goes to Raccoon City for some zombie killing goodness in the Resident Evil 2 Remake; and Sean sinks hours into Shovel Knight and starts his journey into the psychedelic sci-fi world of Control. (WARNING! From 17:25 onward there are heavy Death Stranding Spoilers) Then the gang finally dissects the ending of last year's most divisive game, Death Stranding.

Gaming News - Time code: 35:07

  • The quick hits: Netflix's The Witcher takes the crown as the biggest TV show in the world from The Mandalorian; Matt Booty basically tells us that Xbox Series X won't have any exclusives; A FFXV MMO is your phone; Exit The Gungeon is coming to the Apple Arcade later this year; Panasonic debuts some Dr. Robotnik ass VR googles at CES; Pokemon GO caught 900 Million dollars in 2019; Nintendo plans to drop a new Switch model this year; WB Montreal continues to tease the next Batman game; Transcendent Events is bringing a boozy cosplay party to Baltimore on April 4th (and we may go!).
  • The heavy hitters: Sony breaks the internet with the PS5 logo/specs reveal at CES; Nintendo drops the first Pokemon Direct of the decade; Telltale 2.0 refuses to pay for crimes that they didn't commit; Square Enix reveals its' ambitions for 2020 (and they may or may not include a Parasite Eve remake).

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