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Level 3.8 - Sexy Bad Choices with Anthem

March 1, 2019


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This week on the Press X to Start podcast, Marcus, Sean, DJ and Jordan talk about Anthem, Crackdown 3, Reggie's Retirement, Game devs possibly unionizing, and the recent gaming news.

What We’ve Been Playing - Time code: 01:45

  • Jordan gives his impressions of the Terry Crews Simul-we mean Crackdown 3 and then joins Sean and Dj for some Apex Legends stories; Marcus, Sean & DJ talk about where they are in KH3, DJ gets that ass whooped in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Online; Sean almost becomes legend in his pajamas in Tetris 99; and finally Dj & Jordan gives their dueling early impressions on Anthem to cap it all off.

Gaming News - Time code: 37:00

  • We talk about: Xbox VP criticizing reviewers for complaining about the grind of Anthem; Why EA took down a negative Anthem review; All of the current Anthem reviews coming from the PC port exclusively; Reggie Fils-Aime body being ready for retirement while Doug Bowser becomes the new Nintendad; Xbox's Game Pass possibly coming on Switch; Epic becoming the suer and sues the people behind the Fortnite Live Festival; and the real possibility of game developers finally unionizing. 

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