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Level 3.40 - Turns Out We Were The Villains Of Pokemon All Along!

December 6, 2019

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This week on the Press X to Start Podcast: DJ, Cam & Marcus talk about more Death Stranding, Pokemon Sword & Shield, Half Life: Alyx, Resident Evil 3 remake rumors and more!

DISCLAIMER: There are some slight mic issues for DJ early in the episode but it gets sorted out before What We've Been Playing!

What We've Been Playing - Time code: 3:24

  • Marcus & Cam talk more about delivering packages & running fades in Death Stranding, Cam travels to The Outer Worlds for some double A goodness and then joins DJ to talk being confused by Pokemon Sword & Shield's story and the diminishing returns of its' endgame material. Essentially Cam had a busy week ya'll.

Gaming News - Time code: 28:34

  • The quick hits: Gigantamax Snorlax (aka a Snorlax that ate a Torterra) drops in early December; Google giving out refunds after a mix up for Stadia Pro's free games for December; Google Stadia gets a middling review from IGN and Shenmue 3 gets an even worse one; Battleborn servers to shut down entirely in 2021; Part 2 of the Final Fantasy VII Remake already in early production; Michael B. Jordan drops teaser trailer for upcoming Tom Clancy movie; Arcane Studios' co-founder launches new studio, WolfEye. 
  • The heavy hitters: The Playstation Plus & Xbox Games for Gold for December; New Tony Hawk Pro Skater game reportedly in the works...but who's it for?; Resident Evil 3 Remake rumored to be in production (this has since been all but confirmed); Valve drops trailer for Half Life: Alyx, the VR follow up to Half Life 2; South Korean studio, Pearl Abyss, drops trailers for 3 separate MMOs that they currently have in production.

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