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Level 3.35 - Blizzard’s Big Trouble in Little China

October 18, 2019

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This week on the Press X to Start Podcast: DJ, Sean and Marcus talk about Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Fortnite's Season 11 plans, Playstation 5, Blizzard's Hong Kong debacle and more!

What We've Been Playing - Time code: 01:38

  • Marcus wraps up his telekinetic shenanigans in Control and then has such a bad time in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint janky wilderness that he returns to Kingdom Hearts 3; Sean prepares for a side career as a Twitch streamer with streams of Apex, Smash Bros & Streets of Rage 2; DJ finds a rollercoaster in Borderlands 3 and finally gets his mech fix in Gundam Battle Operation 2.

Gaming News - Time code: 27:51

  • The quick hits: CD Projekt Red entertains the possibility of a multiplayer Cyperpunk game, Stadia claims that it's capable of running games faster than consoles, Warner Bros partners with IO Interactive in a publishing deal, PS4 unfriends Facebook, Fortnite's 11th Season to lead to the game's second chapter.
  • The heavy hitters: An in-depth look at the information that's been released about Playstation 5, Press X examines the recent controversy surrounding Blizzard, Marvel Studios steps into the world of VR with Avengers: Damage Control.

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