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Level 3.32 - Remakes, Sequels and a Whole Lotta Walking at Tokyo Game Show!

September 20, 2019

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HEADS UP: Our next episode will be a “For the Culture” episode where we run through 50 video game questions. It’s definitely one of the funniest episodes we have ever made!

This week on the Press X to Start Podcast DJ, Sean & Marcus talk about Borderlands 3, the Call Of Duty beta, Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure, Tokyo Game Show and more!

What We've Been Playing - Time code: 02:24

  • Marcus continues to battle supernatural entities (and the map) in Control, DJ runs more fades in the name of love in My Time In Portia, and then the two join forces to give some quick first impressions of Borderlands 3. Meanwhile, Sean's chronicles his usual Smash Bros & Apex Legends shenanigans before giving his impressions on the COD Closed Beta.

Gaming News - Time code: 22:38

  • The quick hits: Missingn-*ahem*, we mean a new Glitch Pokemon teased for Sword & Shield; EA drops a surprise public test for Project Atlas; DBZ: Kakarot confirms that Buu saga is in the games' story mode; The 5th annual Game Awards is coming Dec 12th; Ubisoft says its' only in the long ass game business going forward; GreedFall & Daemon X Machina draw mild reviews; Google Stadia to offer free game trials at launch and the Apple Arcade announces a whopping 50 games (ALL AVAILABLE NOW!).
  • The heavy hitters: An in-depth look at this years' Tokyo Game Show and Nintendo tries round 2 of Operation: Make America Fit Again with Ring Fit Adventure.

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