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Level 3.31 - We’re Press “Cross” To Start And We Played A Lot Of Games This Week

September 13, 2019

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This week on the Press X to Start podcast DJ, Cam & Marcus talk about the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint beta, Control, Ghostwire: Tokyo's uncertain future, the Nintendo Direct and more!

What We've Been Playing - Time code: 03:02

  •  Marcus bounces back strong from his Days Gone doldrums with an uncharacteristically active gaming week that consists of an assload of Overwatch and impressions of the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Beta, Man Of Medan & Control. Not to be overlooked, DJ responds by taking Super Kirby Clash for a spin, beating Dragon's Dogma, wanting his Free 99 back for Darksiders 3 and joining Cam for some more BDSM goodness in Remnant: From The Ashe. Oh and Cam beat Pokemon's that.

Gaming News - Time code: 46:32

  • The quick hits: The UK says that the Playstation's "X" button is called "Cross" and they can fuck right off with that nonsense, Celeste gets a new DLC chapter, Gears Of War 5 racks up some impressive reviews, Playstation unveils pretty new boxart for PS4 exclusives, Nintendo Switch gets into the fitness game and Anshar Studios drops a trailer for a Cyberpunk-themed neo-noir detective game (no it isn't connected to CD Projekt Red).
  • The heavy hitters: A Press X Deep Dive into Nintendo's Direct and Ikumi Nakamura's departure from Tango Gameworks leaves Ghostwire: Tokyo in limbo.

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