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Level 3.24 - The Crowd Goes Mild for Marvel’s Avengers

July 26, 2019

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This week on the Press X to Start podcast, Team Jamaica rides again as DJ & Sean talk about Blood and Truth for PSVR, The Witcher Netflix series trailer, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare new game mode, Overwatch's new queue system and more!

What We've Been Playing - Time code: 02:46

  • Sean plays more Borderlands 2 and tries to finish Kingdom Hearts 3 after a long hiatus. While DJ's Dragon's Dogma addiction worsens as he seeks to beat it for a second time. Then both of them give their impressions of Dr. Mario World and the Blood & Truth PSVR demo.

Gaming News - Time code: 14:52

  • The quick hits: Someone recreated a FFVII boss fight in Dreams further showcasing the seemingly endless possibilities within the game, The SDCC trailer for The Witcher Netflix series gives us our first true glimpse at the forthcoming show, EA announces Plants vs Zombies 3, Just Dance 2020 is apparently coming to the Wii for some reason, and PUBG tries to inject some story into their world with a grimdark cinematic trailer.
  • The heavy hitters: Impressions from the leaked Marvel's Avengers gameplay footage from SDCC, Infinity Ward shows off its' 2v2 Gunfight mode for Modern Warfare, Ubisoft faces backlash for its music crowdsourcing alliance with HitRecord Studios for Watch Dogs Legion, Southwest Airlines goes all Oprah and gives away free Nintendo Switches to passengers; and a breakdown of the new "Roll Queue" system that Overwatch will be implemented in the coming months.

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