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Level 3.23 - The PS Vita Lives, In The Nintendo Switch Lite!

July 19, 2019

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This week on the Press X to Start podcast, DJ, Sean, Doug, and Cam talk about Anthem's PTR, Amazon's Lord of The Rings MMO, Take This' fight against crunch, the Nintendo Switch Lite and more!

What We've Been Playing - Time code: 02:44

  • Doug feels the love as he plays more Overwatch with Marcus and tries to survive the night with Sean in Dead By Daylight (to middling results). Sean spends more time with Borderlands 2 to prep him for the impending release of Borderlands 3. DJ and his wife, Sheriene's, days are numbered in The Swords of Ditto while DJ sneaks in some Dragon's Dogma on the side. Last but not least, Cam digs up some janky old relics in Technomancer & Lords Of The Fallen which immediately make him contemplate re-downloading Overwatch & Dragon's Dogma.

Gaming News - Time code: 19:57

  • The quick hits: Anthem gets some new weapons in its' PTR, Square Enix dashes any hopes of the FFVII Remake being a third party release; Idris Elba swaggers his way into the Suicide Squad soft reboot/sequel (idk why that's here either); A Pokemon card worth $60,000 is out in the wild thanks to a postal blunder; Gears 5 removes all smoking from the game but leaves in all of the brutal murder; France launches a campaign that promises tax breaks to UK companies willing to relocate.
  • The heavy hitters: Software & Hardware cause dip in games spending since last year; Amazon Games plans to bring Middle Earth to life in MMO form; Nintendo Switch Lite revealed for September; New nonprofit, Take This, takes aim at game development crunch; Facebook goes shopping for game studios to bolster the Oculus VR business.

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