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Level 3.22 - Playstation 5 Only Likes Hardcore Play!

July 12, 2019


This week on the Press X to Start podcast, Marcus, Sean, Doug, and DJ talk about Sony's PS5 plans, Cyberpunk 2077, Pokemon Sword & Shield, Person 5 Royal and more!

What We've Been Playing - Time code: 04:09

  • Marcus & Doug finally link up on Overwatch and have a blast despite the skill gap (oh, and Marcus is still playing Days Gone at a snail's pace). Sean continues his journey through the Smash Bros Ultimate's expansive World of Light and gets into some Vault Hunter shenanigans for Free 99 in Borderlands 2. DJ kicks Dauntless to the curb for his old flame Dragon's Dogma and bonds with his wife in the cartoon world of The Swords of Ditto.

Gaming News - Time code: 28:49

  • The quick hits: New Evil Dead game announced for consoles & PC; Konami says "It Wasn't Me" in regards to July Playstation Plus game debacle; Final Fantasy XIV getting a TV adaptation, Shenmue 3 gets stolen in the night from Steam by Epic Games.
  • The heavy hitters: Sony says screw the casuals and plans to focus on "hardcore gamers" with the PS5; The buttload of new features added to Persona 5 that has Persona 5 Royal looking like a whole new game; Cyberpunk 2077's three playable prologues based on your class; Fans calling Gamefreak "lazy" for not including 1000+ Pokemon in the game.

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