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Level 3.20 - Cyberpunk 2077 controversy, Dr. Disrespect, and EA’s “Surprise Mechanics”!

June 28, 2019


DISCLAIMER: Stick around after the outro track for a little bonus stinger ;)

This week on the Press X to Start podcast, Sean, Marcus, and DJ talk about Crash Team Racing, Days Gone, Dauntless, their E3 predictions, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel, Cyberpunk 2077, Dr. Disrespect, and EA's surprise mechanics. 

What We've Been Playing - Time code: 02:30

  • Marcus talks about progressing in Days Gone, squading up in Overwatch, and jumping back into Mafia 3. Sean talks briefly (no spoilers) about beating Days Gone, getting used to the difficulties of Cuphead, and rubberbanding in Crash Team Racing. Dj talks more Dauntless, how playing Sonic Mania with his wife is fun (when you're not Tails); how Super Mario Bros for Switch is a better co-op experience; and then the gang predicts how long he is going to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

E3 Predictions - Time code: 14:21

  • They score their E3 predictions and one is crowned the Press X Winner of E3 2019!

Gaming News - Time code: 17:42

  • The quick hits: No State of Play announced so far for Sony; Xbox Project Scarlett not having a twin any longer; Amazon Game Studio "reorganizing" their staff; Gamestop missing expectations by millions of dollars; People blaming Elden Ring for lack of new Game of Throne books.
  • The heavy hitters: They talk about why Breath of The Wild got a sequel; how skipping E3 didn't hurt E3 itself more than it hurt Sony; Mike Pondsmith's defense of Cyberpunk 2077 in the midst of controversy; Dr. Disrespect not respecting people's privacy; EA renaming Loot Boxes as "Surprise Mechanics".

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