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Level 3.2 - Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Overwatch Edition

January 16, 2019

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Marcus, Doug, Sean, and Dj talk about the games they played last week and all the recent gaming news.

What We’ve Been Playing - Time code: 03:09

  • Marcus dives back into two (2) oldies but goodies, Sleeping Dogs and Dragon Age Inquisition.
  • Sean continues cutting through the cobwebs in Shenmue, uncovering new treasures in Speluncky, and running through The Binding of Issac
  • Doug battles the unfortunate opponents in Dead by Daylight and continues Overwatch dominance.
  • Donald continues his character testing in Smash Brothers Ultimate and revisits Astro Bot: Rescue Mission.

Gaming News *Provided by "Doug the Great"* - Time code: 18:03

  • PS4 clears 91.6 million systems, 876 million games sold.
  • Red Dead Online Beta details including their new Battle Royale mode, "Gun Rush".
  • Stardew Valley getting on the Battle Royale train
  • The Division 2 Coming to Epic Games Store while simultaneously being pulled from Steam.
  • Bungie breaks up with Activision and gets the Destiny rights in the divorce. Activision and their stocks are left in relative shambles.

Culture Topic - Time code: 38:38

  • We talk about Solider 76 as an LGBTQ+ Character and how well it was handled.

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