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Level 3.17 - Supreme Leader Google Ended The Console Wars

May 24, 2019

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This week on the Press X to Start podcast, Sean, Marcus and DJ talk about Days Gone, World War Z, the Video Game Industry Association's new President, Microsoft and Sony teaming up, and Minecraft Earth.

What We’ve Been Playing - Time code: 02:19

  • Sean gets worked out by by Cuphead's tutorial level; Marcus finally beats Devil May Cry 5; Dj talks about whoopin' popular streamer AlphaRad's candy ass in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate before having the time of his life in World War Z; then Sean & Marcus talk world building, freakers and Deacon never shutting the hell up in Days Gone.

Gaming News - Time code: 20:36

  • The quick hits: Nintendo Switch overtakes PS4's lifetime sales in Japan and why that's important; Gears 5 possibly coming this September; Riot Games continuing the be a giant dumpster fire; Super Mario Maker 2 coming out next month.
  • The heavy hitters: The Video Game Industry Association finally has its own Obama; Microsoft and Sony finally join forces in the face of the threat that is Google; Nintendo releases how much space they will have to "play" with at E3 (hoping for a lifesized Switch on the show floor); The Division 2's new raid being unbeatable on consoles (as of posting this it has been rectified); Our thoughts on Mojang's attempt at augmented reality with Minecraft Earth and it's reveal trailer. 

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