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Level 3.11 - Google Stadia Has Entered The Chat

March 29, 2019

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This week on the Press X to Start podcast, Douglas, DJ, and Marcus talk about DMC 5, Google Stadia, FCC Overstating internet accessibility, and more of the most recent gaming news.

What We’ve Been Playing - Time code: 01:35

  • Marcus returns from exile and gives us his impressions of his first hours with DMC5. Douglas talks the new characters Baptiste from Overwatch and Jane Romero from Dead by Daylight. Dj tells the story of when he and his wife competed in Tetris 99.

Gaming News - Time code: 18:22

  • We talk about: Google's promise to change the gaming market with Stadia; The FCC overstating broadband availability in the US; How the broken game known as Anthem managed to pull $100 million in revenue for the month of February; Sony and Microsoft announcing their 'Nintendo Direct-like showcases; The laundry list of updates from Anthem's latest livestream; the Persona 5: The Royal reveal (no not Persona 5 Battle Royale); Kojima and Norman prepping to tell us what Death Stranding is (Marcus had to head out shortly after this, thus the noticeable silence); Gamestop trying to rebrand itself; Borderland's GOTY edition announcement; and Bethesda going to E3 

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