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Level 2.34 - Game Developer Crunch, Is It Needed?

October 26, 2018

In this Camless episode, the crew discusses what they're playing this week, including new and VERY old. Marcus and his punk threaded Spiderman continues to terrorize evildoers looking to make a quick buck. Additionally, Marcus dusts off the cobwebs layered ontop the forgotten title, Mass Effect Andromeda.  Jordan continues his odyssey while playing Assassins Creed Odyssey and its neverending tutorial mode. And finally, DJ and Jordan discuss Black Ops 4's multiplayer and amazing cutscenes.  

This week in gaming news, we talk about: Spiderman's new game plus and new difficulty option leading into its first Story DLC, Soul Calibur's vulgar character creations, Star Link being the No Man Sky we wanted but not deserved, and Skybound's Reddit AMA. 

In this weeks culture topic, the gang discusses working conditions in relation to video game development.

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