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Level 2.33 - Can we change our names on PSN to Sony Playstation now?

October 17, 2018

In this episode, Cam makes his triumphant return to the podcast, and is joined by Dj, Marcus, and Jordan talk about what they played this week. Marcus continues having fun being the best non-warlock guardian in Destiny 2. Cam gives his long-anticipated takes on Marvel's Spiderman. Jordan tells a tale of his first encounter with the most "un-fuck-with-able" bounty hunter in Assassin Creed Odyssey and his pet named Yogi. Then Jordan and Dj talk about their time with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Spoiler warning but that specialist HQ intro story is absolutely crazy.

This week in gaming news, we talk about: Playstation FINALLY giving us the ability change our usernames...but with caveats; The PSN message exploit that has been bricking consoles; The ups and downs of the Fallout 76 gameplay coverage; Borderlands blasting its way onto PSVR and Destiny's DLC change that may symbolize troubling times ahead for Bungie (or, you know, maybe they're just feeling generous). 

No culture topic this week.

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