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Level 2.32 - Can You Stream An Odyssey?

October 12, 2018

In this episode, Dj, Marcus, and Jordan talk about what they played this week. Marcus talks about how a zombie forced his hand in episode two of Telltale's Walking Dead: Final Season. Jordan goes on about Forza Horizon being the best driving game ever to be created (completely not hyperbolic at all) and how bounty hunters in Assassin Creed Odyssey are to be taken all-the-way serious. Dj see into the VR matrix to give early impressions on Astro Bot, discovers the code for motion sickness in Starbound, and tells all about his Vegas VR experience (which also involved zombies).

This week in gaming news, we talk about: How everyone and their gaming grandmothers are getting the Spiderman platinum; Telltale "living" to tell another tale by the good graces of Robert Kirkman's company, Skybound; Microsoft insuring console dominance next generation with their new streaming project Project X Cloud; Google running guns blazing into the world of streaming with their new service Project Stream; Pornhub leaking games; and Sony finally tearing down the walls to allow Fortnite cross-play. 

No culture topic this week.

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