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Level 2.41 - Soulja Boy Got The Best Games

December 22, 2018


This week in "What We've Been Playing", Dj and Sean are joined by our special guest Doug, our news guy in the streets! Sean talks about his time with RDR2, then joins Dj to talk about Smash Bros Ultimate. Doug talks about Dead by Daylight and Overwatch's new winter event.

This week in Gaming News we talk about: Capcom's new ad approach in Street Fighter 5; Epic Games offering free Cross-platform services if you develop games with them; Soulja Boy new hit game console SouljaGames and how it's going to change the landscape of gaming; the final installment from the Marvel's Spiderman DLC pack and...that live action Sonic poster *shudder*.

In our culture topic this week, we talk about the Game Awards, the Kinda Funny Showcase and how it relates to other media's award shows. 

Then somehow we started talking about Red Dead Online a bunch lol.

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